Prostitution – Worlds oldest Business behind the walls

Written by Arvind Tiwari


“Prostitute” world’s olderst business but behind the walls. As the history we refer this name exists since ages with different headers but same meaning. In early ages it was said as “Nagar Vadhu”, “Vasya”, “Kothewali” and many other names not to mention here.

So there are many arguments on making this as profession and legalize it. People have many opinions some feel they are black spot on society, some feel they should be thrown out to a different place and so many other options. These projections are done by some very good sophisticated and well known personalities of our society; however, the concern is bigger than this.

Red Light areas

Just to brief you about this industry in India we have the biggest Red Light area in Kolkatta followed by Delhi. When you dig down you will see the variance in this industry starting from high class till shemales. According to budget and requirement the most amazing and surprising part is to have well renowned public places. Areas like Lajpat Nagar, GB Road and many other shopping malls. You should be able to identify and get the deal cracked.

Transformation in Industry

Now coming to a metro city with an ambition and expectation of family, these girls are mesmerized with the lifestyle of others and to compete it, they choose this as a profession Going further you would see girls at a very young age are involved in this profession with good communication skills and persona with such qualities they can easily search for a 9AM to 6PM instead but the whole story starts from here.

So I am trying to pin down some of the reasons they fall in such profession.

How does one join this Industry

Very true that even today majority of girls or women are in this profession because of some or other family issues. Majorly financial crises and they are not able to get the required cash very soon. Second largest chunk is of those who are forced into this profession by some middle man or agent they get into these dark rooms from where it is difficult to come out.

Interestingly a third group has shown tremendous jump in this profession and that is by will. Yes you heard it right by will many girls who come from small town or villages to complete their studies. Not surprised by a survey which tells that in India this industry has shown 10% growth every year.

Lifestyle of Metro cities

Now coming to a metro city with an ambition and expectation of family, these girls are mesmerized with the lifestyle of others and to compete it they choose this as a profession. No wonder they have a persona which can attract anyone. With a very high maintenance cost which includes all the major brands clothing and accessories partying in luxuries hotels. They can charge anything starting from 10K to 1 lac. It all depends on the style and class they maintain and the competition is by implementing the best practices of industry.

After all this the question is Why Prostitute? Why not we as a society work closely with them and encourage choosing a career path or making it legalize.

The answer is yours but at the end the truth is that the life of a prostitute is filled with darkness. Having said this never means that we can run away with the social responsibility. We have some day or another we have to fight for all such issues by joining our hands.

Here I write my name in bold to authenticate this writing and take responsibility of working for such issues today, tomorrow and till I am able to save some life’s.

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