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Written by Arvind Tiwari

Madhya Pradesh also known as “Heart of India”, this state is full of adventure, beauty and for its culture. Geographical this state is second largest state of India by area.

This state retains landmarks from eras throughout Indian History, its Hindu and Jain temples at Khajuraho is famous for its carving of erotic scenes. You can see all religion living beautifully here, if you want to see beautiful temples, mosque church or Gurudwara just visit Madhya Pradesh.

This land is full of surprises and places which one can’t even think off, so be it Khajuraho temple, Kanha Tiger reserve, Taj- ul mosque of Madan lal fort in Gwalior.


So just 220 Kms away from the capital of MP Bhopal there is small town known as “Pithampur”, this was the place where I was born and done my schooling.

Pithampuris an industrial city, and has close proximity to Indore. Once called, ‘Detroit of India’, Pithampur houses major industries and companies of Madhya Pradesh. Surrounded with small mountains I had fun of everything there so if you want to do trekking, swimming or want to see wild life everything one can do here.

Shiv Mandir

One of my favorite hangout places is “PahadikaMandir”. This place is Shiva temple at one of the mountains this temple is located. It is one of the famous place for Picnic of all Pithampurians, encircle with forest and lakes. There is one secret cave which opens directly to palace of Mandav. It is said that the kind of Mandva used to visit this place by this way. “Jai BholeNath”. There is one majestic “kund”. Why majestic because it has continues water flow without a single day when it has drowned.

St. Francis School

Another favorite place is my school “St. Francis School”, this school has given me lot. Another name of my school which I say is “amusement park”.

After 14 years I got chance to visit all these places and I was mesmerized to see that still nothing has changed. People still are so friendly and helpful, they will always love to spend time with you. They will remember you even if you are not connected with them. I always miss “Poha Jalebi” with “sew” and last but not least “Bhai apan log”.

Love you all my friends and miss youPithampur


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