Gang rape

Written by Arvind Tiwari

Gang rape again,  really are we Humans?

16th December, 2012 date when the entire Delhi was on halt with one of the most dispirits act done by 6 friends enjoying bus ride along with the driver. This act has made us feel shame in front of our own friends, sister Mother and colleges. Yes I am talking about Nirbhaya case,

Almost after 3 years same has been reported from Harayana, where the body was found near a canal near village BudhaKhera in Jind district on Friday. On the complaint of the village sarpanch, the police lodged an FIR with charges of murder and causing disappearance of offence evidence. According to Dhattarwal, the body was thrown near the canal after she was killed at some other place.

“She was probably killed two to three days before the recovery of her body from the Jind district village. It also appears that she was drowned after the assault. Now assault not only means the gang rape but feeling ashamed even to say that it was tried to insert some foreign object into her which made the major injuries and then she was thrown in the canal.

Police have arrested the two accused — Pradeep (28) and Sagar (24). “The accused took her to Pradeep’s house. They first killed the girl, and then raped the body. They burnt her clothes in an attempt to destroy evidence,” said Sandeep Singh, SHO of Matlauda police station (according to report).

Now the question is still same when will we stop behaving like animals? Further, people will march to India Gate with candles in hand; all the new papers and political parties will raise hands together to fight against the cold-blooded act but what after 3 months, we all will just forget this issue and will wait patiently for new act to come in and then again we will fight for it take a march to India gate and then again wait.

Why can’t we have an ongoing fight from all of us keeping the political, cast and religion aside and just for humanity?

I would not want you to stay updated for such news but want all of us to fight against it.

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