6 Tips to Lead from Failure to Be Positive

Written by Arvind Tiwari

Very often we feel so unworthy of ourselves. We start hating everything and everyone but moreover we start hating ourselves. Here are quick 6 tips to lead from failure to Positive Thinking.

When things are not working everything starts falling apart and only reason you blame is your own self. It is a very natural to feel so when life knocks down. You feel people are better than you in looks or skills you are not appreciated enough or completely ignored. You are sad or even depressed you are easily irritated by even someone’s breathing also the mood swings of becoming meanest human being. Now what to do when you start feeling such things? Read to know that feeling like a failure is natural you are not alone and things will definitely get better.

1) You’re not only the one

You are not only the one for such feelings there are many out there just like you. What is important to know how to tackle them? Conversation with those who feel the same is a very helpful tool for which online there are many sites available. Winning stories of failure will inspire you.


2) Trend of feeling low

How often do you start feeling low is it in intervals of months, week or even days. Having such thoughts very often is injurious not only mentally but physically as well. The sooner you realize the patter the faster it is to battle such thoughts with positive thinking.

3) Things are going to be ok

For any such feeling it is not the end of the world! With the burden of you feeling suffocated on your chest and head to prove yourself. How shattering it is to be ignored by people on a daily basis? There’s more to life ore to you than you realize. Once you start accepting these negative thoughts gracefully is when you start acting on it.


4) Forgiveness

As a first step stop punishing yourself and try to forgive things. There is no point of blaming it’ll bring more agony, however, when you allow yourself to make mistakes you learn become better and start experiencing things differently more positively.


5) Convert your surroundings with positive people

Being around with negative people only leads to have negative thoughts. But being around with positive people who are happy no matter what will have the better understanding of things. Those who help other to be better are the kinds you should look as friends to be with.


6) Be generous

You have to stop being so hard to yourself and stop pushing yourself over the edge. Be kind to oneself is a must it allows you to be kind towards others. This creates a happy cycle which can lead to a positive way of living life. By this you will also start learning an approach to Positive Thinking and will never lead you on the way of failure.

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