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10 Basic but important points for healthy relationship

Written by Arvind Tiwari

It is said that Love is the foundation of any happy romantic relationship, but is love enough for healthy and long lasting relationship. In order to have a healthy and lasting relationship, both parties have to be willing to work on it. Here are 10 basic but important points for healthy relationship.

Friendly behavior

It is important to treat your partner the way you treat a good and trusted friend, with respect, deliberation, and kindness. It will go a long way in nurturing a strong relationship.

Words plus deeds

Consistently do things which shows that your partner values to you. Although, “I love you” is just a three word sentence but the value it holds, the message that it passes on can turn the tides, can save a collapsing relationship and stop someone, who has decided to walk away. These three words have the power to make bonds stronger than ever.

Showing fondness daily

Sex is one thing, however,  Holding hands, a hug, a squeeze on the arm this all creates connection and trust.  If you’re not getting as much attention as you want, let it be known to your partner.

Resolve arguments together

While fighting, it’s all too easy to get locked into a win/lose dynamic, rather think of your disagreement as a problem for you both to solve, not a fight for you to win.  Think of saying “we” before casting blame on the other person.

Focus on the positive

What attracted you for your partner? What is that you appreciate about your partner? How do you treasure about your life together? Focus on the positivity to make the relationship strong.

Be Supportive

Negative or absent response to something on which your enthusiastic about can kill the buzz like anything. It is always important to spare time for your partner to listen and understand him and provide support of any kind you may physically or mentally, this will help in building trust.

Make your partner a priority

Make your partner a priority not once or twice but as many time as you can.

Set goals as a couple

Set goals how you want your relationship to look in a year, five years, ten years. Then work toward that goal.

Respect each other when arguing

A partner who is likely to come to your side or one who will get even more defensive, if you do not respect your partner.  Ask your partner how he or she sees the problem and what can be the solution point.

Ups and downs in relationship

Relationship is an investment, as the stock market think long term.  Ride out the down times with the right kind of attention, they will be temporary.


Following these tips will get you closer and improve the Quality of your relationship. Relationships, what is commonly believed, are not as difficult to maintain as they are made out to be. Inculcating some habits and behaviors in your day to day life is sufficient to keep your relationship strong, healthy and happy.

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